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(Fwd) Help: Titanium colouring


Forwarded Message FollowsFrom: “Chris De Beer”
Organization: Technikon Natal
Subject: Help: Titanium colouring

I’ve been colouring titanium successfully for a few years and
now I have a problem. For some reason I can only get the first
phase colours (below about 40V) any higher and the colours
become mottled green/yellow/pink.

The pickling solution I use is from Oppi Untracht (4% HFl, 20%
HCl and the rest distilled water) and the electrolyte is 5%

First I pickle the titanium untill it bubbles evenly, rinse
(under the tap) and then I anodise. It used to work - what could
have gone wrogn?!




Check your water. I was having trouble with my pickle and it turned out to
be stuff in the tap water. I am using distilled h2o for everything now, and
there are no problems.