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GIA-Net is the online education and system of THE
Non-Profit Educational Organization of the Jewelry Industry…
online education since 1986.

Mailing address: GIA, 1660 Stewart, Santa Monica, CA 90404

GIA-Net offers the ability to complete coursework online in many
topics related to gemology and jewelry. Courses include
Diamonds, Diamond Grading, Colored Stones, Gem Identification,
Colored Stone Grading, Pearls, Fine Jewelry Sales, Advanced Fine
Jewelry Sales, Gold and Precious Metals, and our newest course…
Insurance Appraisal Replacement.

Additionally, GIA-Net has a text-based Diamond Dictionary
online, job listings, news, and more.

Access to the system is complimentary and you are welcome to
connect whether or not you are enrolled in a GIA course. If you
are enrolled, you can get answers back to your course
questionnaires instantly.

To connect–

  • Data line - 1-310-453-2430 (with ANSI terminal emulation)
  • Internet access - telnet:// (or)

Want more Information?

  • Voice phone - 800-421-7250, extension 344 (USA and Canada)
  • Voice phone - 310-829-2991, extension 344 (Elsewhere)
  • Internet email -

Complimentary education, gemological instrument, and bookstore
catalogs are also available on request.

Send an email to and be sure to include–
(1) your name, (2) mailing address, and (3) which catalog you want.

Best regards to all,

James Marker, G.G.
GIA-Net System Operator & Research Librarian
Richard T. Liddicoat Gemological Library and Information Center
Gemological Institute of America