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Fw: Engraving and Engraving Tools

Hello Tim

Nice to see you also! But really, I should have stressed the fact
that I was referring to Lindsay’s new tool, the Omega. The original
tool, the Air Chasing Graver IS designed strictly for engraving,
really banknote microengraving when you consider working under a
microscope at 40X, it’s the one Steve himself uses in his work, and
this would be the tool your friend would likely have due to the fact
that the newer and heavier Omega has only come out very recently. The
new Omega is slightly longer, slightly larger version of the Air
Chasing Graver and it has quite a bit more power. Anyone that knows
Steve Lindsay and his work will know that he’s a very meticulous
guy.You can see it in his engraving and you can see it in these tools.
They are beautifully and precisely made. The Omega comes with two
different sized pistons that allow you to further adjust it’s ‘hit’ to
your needs, and I think that the smaller piston comes closer to the
power of the ACG and would be better for very fine engraving. I work
on a lot of things that require a heavy cut or beadwork, etc, so I
need a heavier hammer similar to you, Tim. With the larger piston and
the stroke length set to the longest stroke, I can engrave anything I
can with the heaviest handpiece from GRS using the very best
gravermeister or gravermax I could find in 20 years of looking. :^) I
like this new tool because of it’s size and the fact that it feels
more like a traditional graver in my hand, but it still has enough
power to cut a pretty decent chip out doing some western scroll or
cutting some steel parts. It’s really AWESOME! Check out the website @ It has BOTH tools and some pics of
Steve’s work. Happy and Prosperous New Year to you!

Best Regards-
Ricky Low