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Fusing wire to bezel

Hi everyone, I’ve been reading for a while but this is my first

Thanks for all the useful advice!

I’m getting into Argentium and seeing how much I can do by fusing. I
made a pear shaped bezel and that went well (although there’s a
little spot at the corner that didn’t take - I guess I’ll just go
over it again). Then I thought I’d make the pear shape look like sort
of a leaf growing on a vine, so I tried to fuse it to a piece of 16
gauge wire, with the cross section of the wire against the rounded
side of the bezel. It’s a small area of connection, but I filed both
sides and I thought if fusing can work with granules hopefully this
would work too. But I’ve had no luck. The pieces get sort of glued
together by the flux but come right apart. I’m using My-T-Flux on a
hard charcoal block.

I haven’t seen examples of people fusing things in this arrangement
so I thought I’d ask - is this just a bad idea for fusing, or is it
likely my fusing technique that’s the problem?

Incidentally, the flux on the wire acts like what I’ve seen in
videos, turning clear and leaving things looking pretty nice, but the
flux that gets inside the little bezel turns brown and green. Is that
normal? I was wondering if it was a sign of dirtiness or overheating.