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Fusing gold and silver

I’ve been doing an intensive search to learn the technique of fusing
gold and silver (as perfected by Marnie Ryan). I, unfortunately,
will not be able to attend her upcoming class at the Revere Academy
in SF. I talked with Marnie and she is not offering another class
this year though she is working on a methods book. Any idea where I
can learn this technique? Book? Class? Article?

Marsha Sandman

Here is a copy of the paper I published in 1985 on this subject. It
is here at the Ganoksin Project. Note she uses a mini-torch and
basically fuses everything together.


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Unfortunately, I don’t have any info on where this technique can be
learned and would be interested myself. However, I am thrilled to
hear that Marne Ryan is working on a methods book regarding fusing
gold and silver. She is incredibly generous about her craft and a
book by her should be well worth reading!

Grace, Cleveland