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Fusing Fine Silver

To all, I noticed a suggestion for catalyzing fusing on Karat gold. Is
there anything that will encourage fine silver to fuse?

A friend took a Hurricane shortened class with Jean Stark last year. I
saw him put a few links into a beehive kiln and after taking them out
running a Blazer across the links.

Would anything such as the ground malachite painted on encourage the


I have personally found when I run a sheet of fine silver through the
rolling mill encased in the green scrubbing pad prior to reticulating
it, it acts differently and looks great. What have I done?

Dear Teresa I have a question ? How do you reticulate fine silver I
was under the impression that only sterling could be retiulated due
to the copper content…Now as to your 1st ? I have never taken a
class but learned from a lady that did and we just torch fused our
links… and after making about 20 feet of chain ( not a lot but I
add to taht daily )thats still how I do it. I use a little torch
with oxy and natural gas, heat till the metal flows and the link is
fused takes some practice and you will loose quite a few links till
your touch develops but it is a one shot deal …HTH