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Fusing Argentium

Hi Debbie N.,

My thanks to Cynthis Eid and Elaine Luther for your answers to my
fusing question. As you both stated that soldering is a better
solution to closing a ring or bracelet form, what are your
recommedations for the best solders, fluxes, etc. to use. Thank
you, again and in advance. 

I like to use the Argentium solders, since they match the color of
AS better, and tarnish less than traditional silver solders. However,
since they have not had as many years of development, they do not
flow as well as the older silver solders, which have been without
cadmium for over 20 years, now. So, some people, such as Grace,
prefer to use traditional silver solders. I have written several
articles about using AS, discussing soldering issues. Two are on my
site, and one is at

Cynthia Eid

Hello Elaine,
This is my first post. I am a newbie but like the idea of AS. The lack of tarnish etc.

I am making a chain for a necklace and would like to use AS. I need to fuse quite a few jump rings. Could you please explain the process of fusing multiple AS jump rings? Is it possible to fuse jump rings once they are joined to each other?
Thank you,

If I’m not mistaken, it has been a couple of years since Elaine posted on this forum.

Reread the above posts written by:

Cynthia Eid
Nancy Howland
Rhonda Coryell

Argentium must be supported on a surface or it will slump. Watch Rhonda Coryell on youtube, especially the one with the Wolf Clay.

In the store on Rhonda Coryell’s website, she offers a DVD on Fusing Vol. 4 which indicates it covers making a chain.