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Fusing aluminum

I’m need a way to fuse two pcs of alum together one is a .014 wall
tube 3003 Alum to be put on a pc of 2mm x 10mm 3003 alum in the
center. I’m not sure if solder or glue will hold this, Tig welding is
out as well as brazing material it’s to thin, heat will be a to
great. But the requirements are to with stand repeated shock and
rough use. The surface area will be touching of .080 x 1.5" area to a
flat filed on the tubing to match. Also I need to round form the end
of the tubing which is 7/32 od with a.187 id and polish the bore I’m
hoping for glue than solder then I have to find a way to blacken the
surface it should look like black oxide finish. I priced out Black
oxide kit and the price was to high for one pcs.

Any Suggestions
AKA Enjen Joes

I don’t understand why you think TIG welding won’t do the job - an
expert TIG welder can weld a razor blade to a railway track. Failing
TIG you can use soft solder. The trick is to first scrape the join
surfaces clean, then to tin the joint by applying the solder in the
normal way with normal flux BUT, because its aluminium, the solder
won’t adhere to the joint. This is because the ally has oxidised
already and the flux won’t remove it. The thing to do is, with the
solder molten, use a stainless steel rod or brush to scrape through
the molten solder and scratch the ally. This removes a little of the
oxide and allows the solder to stick to the clean ally. Keep doing
this until the join surfaces are nicely tinned. Once a surface is
tinned the solder will protect the surface. You can then bring the
joint together and apply heat to melt the tinning, and the join is
then complete.

Regards, Gary Wooding

I have been tig welding for 30 yrs. I can weld a razor to a Rail road
track But alum pose a different challenge as the metal absorbs all
the heat before melting so trying to cheap a fine weld is hard,
welding stainless or steal your can put a fine line of weld. But
what I want is a seam that shows no welds just a fine line.

Thanks Randy
AKA Enjen Joes sells something that at least LOOKS like it will work.
Rather low temp so melting your piece may not be problematic. Doncha
wish they made that in gold?

Tig welding is out as well as brazing material it's to thin 

Randy, You can TIG weld it. You need a very good TIG welder. It is
possible to tig weld an aluminum pie plate and soda can. If your
parts can be supported they can be welded.

Regards, Kevin
Kevin Lindsey