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Fusing 14K to Sterling

I’m about to make a cuff bracelet from sterling that will have
snippets of 14K (small textured triangles) and perhaps a few gold
balls applied to the surface. I want to try fusing these pieces to
the sterling base, but instead of using a torch, I’d like to try
using my kiln. Has anyone done this successfully? I searched the
archives but could only find experiences using the torch to
accomplish the fusing. If I am able to successfully fuse the
snippets to the base, I will then go about soldering a few bezels
onto the piece for stones as I usually do, using fine silver, and
placing them in planned spaces between the snippets. Do any of you
good people have advice on what temperature I should set the kiln if
in fact it can be used for this? Thanks a bunch.

Cathy Flory

Using a kiln to fuse gold to silver will most likely turn the yellow
gold to a silver color and lower its karat content. The problem is
that once you hit the eutectic temperature, the silver will begin to
dissolve into the gold. My experience is that one needs to be very
careful with the heat and apply it no longer than necessary to join
the metals. I always do my onlay work as the last heat process and
use easy solder with just enough heat to get a good join…

Howard Woods
Eagle Idaho