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Further looking for mentor

hi, i recently put the post up here about looking for a mentor to do
the acc, balt, winter show, “wholesale only”(stipulation for mentor
must also have done that show, several times) mentor means that we
contact each other so many times, and you coach me in any areas that
i am not strong inof course, without encroaching into too much of
your time this is my understanding, anyway is there anyone out there
that does that show that would not want to be a mentor(time is a
restraint, obviously time could be a restraint, just replying to
this) if there is anyone that does that show, please email me and let
me try to talk you into it my medium is very unusual carved wood
jewelry, with some metal accents, and acrylic, carved no stones so
far, i have pics, but no web yet an old timer, just starting out dp
soulwood jewelry

Last year I was a Merit Award winner for the Rosen Show (Buyers
Market of America). As part of my “prize” (in addition to free space)
I was given a mentor. She was very helpful. She answered all my
questions and gave me lots of input. I couldn’t have done the show
without her. My suggestion to you is to contact the ACC people. They
should have a list of willing mentors for you. Good Luck!