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Fun with foredom

not happy with foredom
sorry this is so long

On the 26/08/2012 I sent this email to Foredom regarding a
malfunctioning hand piece.

I am a silversmith, goldsmith, gem setter, mould maker with 30 years
in the trade. After 4 years and 600 hours use, my slip joint H.20SJ
began to run very hot with bad vibration and did not spin all the
time. I have followed your instructions for care and maintenance to
the letter. The shaft is fine and still works with my ITALIAN hammer
hand piece. Has the H.20SJ worn out? Or has it broken through normal
use? I have gone back to using my ITALIAN made very basic flexi
buffer combo unit still working after 15 years.

I bought your product as a treat for myself because of the added
features, foot control, quick change etc. I am thinking of replacing
it with a H.30 SJ. I have posted on Ganoksin to see others comments
on this. My father was a product development manager for Borg Warner,
so I know about American production quality. World famous for
quality. Would you like me to send you the hand piece? Or for
customer relations would you like to send me an H.30SJ? To
XXXXXXXXXXXXX NSW Australia 2447. Very interested in your response.
Your Sincerely

Richard Hopkins

I received this reply.

It’s hard to say exactly what is wrong with your handpiece after
4 years of use. It’s too costly to send it back. We will send
you one NO. 30 SJ handpiece as requested to the address provided
below. I attached our latest catalogue for your future
reference. Be sure to periodically check the motor brushes and
replace them when needed. You can find several short duration
videos on motor maintenance in our website

NO handpiece had arrived so I sent this email

as of the 15 of September, the handpiece has not arrived. One of
my colleagues says they get their orders from the states in one
week. How did you send it? In anticipation of its arrival.

I received this reply

[] just passed this on to me. I guess you were supposed to get a
handpiece? First I need your complete address with a telephone
number Next I want to verify the handpieces H.20SJ and H.30SJ.
both outfitted with slipjoints. Once I have your I
will send them to you via Express Mail Service. My apology for the

I have sent my details to [name removed] even though [name removed]
already had them. I am interested in the reply. Anyone else had "FUN"
with Foredom? Like to hear your responses.

Richard, It seems like Foredom is trying to resolve the problem,
although they dropped the ball as far as internal communication, they
seem to have picked it up and now are trying to make it right. I
don’t think I would be terribly frustrated with them for that if it
were me. I’ve used their products for many years and have found them
to be more durable than most, but certainly not indestructible. If
something wore out prematurely, I would do as you did and hope for a
free replacement. That seems to be what they are doing for you? Good
thing you followed up with them.