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Fume extraction when you can't vent to the outside

Any health & safety experts out there? I cannot install anything
that vents to the outside. So I’m wondering if an internal unit such
as this item from Rio Grande is actually sufficient.

I’m chiefly interested in using it for soldering, although I’d also
be interested in opinions about whether it would sufficient for a
polishing cabinet.

so, caveat - theoretical thoughts that may not be practical for
"reasons" follow…

some time ago in a suburban back yard I was toying with the idea of
burning oil for heating/furnace etc. the problem was I needed there
to be no smoke/soot. while I never did get around to actioning the
experiment I wondered aloud about how best to de-soot/volatile
exhaust. The best idea I came up with is to push the air up a steel
44 gallon drum with a water sprayer installed at the top so that the
water droplets absorb all the ash/soot etc. for later disposal, and
also take a lot of the heat out of the air.

It has some issues with making sure the upward air pressure is
sufficient to n resist the downward water flow and still exhaust,
ther eis back pressure on the furnace (which may not be a good thing,
depending, and there is the added bonus of having to be concerned
about legionella. so yeah - not a solved problem by any stretch, but
I’d be interested in seeing if the principal works one day…

another variant involved pushing the air into the bottom of a water

eliminated the legionella issue, but requires higher pressure,
depending on the column height. 10m = 1 atm.