Fultime lapidary or jeweler "RV's"

Is there anyone on the list that are full-time “RV’s”? Doing shows
and selling on the road as you go? I am curious as to your mode of
travel and how you are set up to do your lapidary and/or jewelry

My wife and I are thinking of going that direction in 3 to 5 years.

Living with Jesus now gives hope for the future.

Hi Larry, I know of several couples that do this pretty much full
time. David Miller and Karen of HotGlassBeads travel from coast to
coast teaching and selling glass beads in a large camper they tow
with their pickup truck. http://www.hotglassbeads.com/

Joe and Addy DePietro spend about half a year at William Holland in
a Travel Home also teaching and selling. Joseph DePietro
[jadp @ mindspring.com]

Everyone I know that seems to be making ends meet , combines selling
of jewelry, teaching, and selling supplies as they travel. I think
the teaching pays the bills, and also generated sales of supplies.

Love and God Bless
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