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Full Service Warehouse & Fullfillment Facility

Happy New Year Everyone!

Wondering if any of you know of a Full Service Warehouse &
Fullfillment Facility? In other words, I am looking for a place to
store my merchandise, process orders and ship to customers.

Any/all help is greatly appreciated.


Hi Stacey,

You didn’t say if area was important to you, but in Tucson there is
a fantastic service that I have recently checked out thoroughly. They
have many old accounts - including handling the world-famous Canyon
Ranch Spa’s product fulfillment for the last 7 years (and I know the
owners, who are EXTREMELY picky about quality of customer service).
The warehouse is spotless, the system very tight, and they offer a
total link with web sales, 800-number sales, etc., so you just
drop-ship your product and they do the rest. They’ll answer the phone
saying your business name, too.

Jean Reehl
Fulfillment Services Inc.
Work address
526 E. 16th Street
Tucson, AZ 85701
Work: 520-798-1530
Mobile: 520-982-9118