[FTP] [PICTURS] How to make a Wax Injector?


The plans I have are from a book called " Handbook of Lost wax or
investment casting" It covers the casting process and how to make the
equipment you need to cast with . It covers things like how to make a
Vacuum investment mixer , how to make a burnout oven , how to make
pressure casting machine , how to make a wax wire extruder , how to
make a wax injector , and making wax patterns and rubber molds
without vulcanizing. The book is from a jewelry class at a local
college and is from the late 1960’s copyright 1968 by Gembooks.I do
not know if there is any restrictions against puting the info on
Orchid but if not please feel free to do so , I’d like to return a
little to orchid after recieving so much from it . Timothy.

Dear Tim Thanks again will be going to those sites now…will also see
if I can purchase the book and give something back to the author(s)
as well thanks again Ron

page 6 was miss sent is realy a repete of page 3 , have sent correct page to
orchid , http://www.ganoksin.com/ftp/how2make_wax_injector_6.jpg