FTC compliance on jewelry stations

It is an absurdity of our over-mediaized society of advertising,
that relies on catchy terms taken from industry jargon, said in
trendy ways by models with beautiful body parts and trained voice
overs to fool the consumer public. Like the word, “natural”(food
industry) or “handmade”. A favorite technique is to run as many
terms as possible, along with facts about anything seemingly related
to gemology or jeweler techniques. Then on production runs of an
item, each one of the thousand boring pieces made(usually stones),
are made a little different, to assure what is known in FTC lingo,
as “handmade”. That is all you have to do to get around regulations.
Instead of casting, which isn’t allowed, you hire 20 people for
minium wage or better yet set up a factory in a 3rd world country or
work with one and really pay minium wage, and have them “handmake"
everything. This way, everything is a one of a kind. Check out the
jewelry stations on tv. That is always the technique used, to assure
"FTC compliance”. Oh yea, you also have a great lawyer.dp