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Freshwater Seed Pearl Supplier?

Hi Everyone,

I am working on a filagree ring which has seed pearls that range in
size between 1.75mm & 1.85mm. The pearls are full drilled and strung
on fine gold wire. Several are missing and I would like to find a
supplier who handles these small drilled pearls.

Does anyone have a suggestion on where to obtain these small fresh
water pearls?

Thanks, Kevin Fertenbaugh Hasko Jewelers

Dear Kevin, There are many suppliers of small pearls. The problem may
come in the matching of the new pearls to the ones you have there,
plus there may be a minimun order amount of at least $50. I have
hundreds of small pearls strands, so if I can send you some to help
out let me know. Again, the matching may be a problem. It remains so
even among pearls on the same hank. Suzanne

Try to go to one of the International Gem Shows (see listings in
Lapidary Journal). In the wholesale section you can see the wares
of many different pearl suppliers, and match what you have, rather
than try to describe what you’re looking for. Go to one anyway, if
you can - it’s an eye-opening experience. (After several years of
it, I MAY be ready to go to Tucson …)

M. R. Fletcher (in currently frozen New England)

Hi Suzzanne, I know what you mean on matching. These pearls have a
slight grey tinting to them. Do you have anything that would be
1.75mm to 1.85mm in size? Let me know and you can contact me offline.

Kevin Fertenbaugh