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Free Web Sites for Artists (fwd)


Forwarded messageDate: Mon, 04 Nov 1996 10:10:21 -0800
From: Ketarah Shaffer
Subject: Free Web Sites for Artists

Howdy All,
I’ve been a subscriber and fan of the Ganoksin forum from day one (their
web site is great too). I am a T.A. for a jewelry class at a Community
College and plan on sharing the SDJ Wax Gun info as I have with other useful
info that has come along.
I’m writing to tell “M.G” of a location for Free Web Sites for Artists.
I have a web site for my jewelry - FREE - through Geocities. You can use
their online web editor if you don’t already have a web editing program (I
used Hotdog). I was not familar with HTML beforehand and do not consider
myself computer savvy. In other words, if I got my site made, you can to.
The Geocities Free Web Site can be found at -
My address is

Good Luck,
Ketarah Shaffer
P.S. If anyone takes a peek at my site, please come back in a week or so.
I’m having a photo CD made of more of my jewelry and will adding more photos