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Free VCR tapes

Hi All

I have a friend (jeweler) who sent me this and I said I’d post for
him First one to email me gets it:

I’m asking a few folks to see if they might know a decent
hardworking benchie that doesn’t have money I have a few boxes of VHS
tapes for the Bench - GRS, Robert Wooding, Rio Grande, Blaine Lewis

I want to send them free but to someone that can benefit from them
that could not readily afford it, not someone that is too cheap to
buy them-

If you know of some one please send me their info

David Geller

i’d like to throw my hat into the ring. i’m 71, and on a fixed
income. i was beginning late training as a jeweler a few years ago,
but his time came sooner that he had hoped, and we weren’t able to
finish that training.

i have struggled since he died to teach myself, but haven’t been
able, nor can i afford the tapes you are offering. please consider

thanks for the offer, even if i am not the one to receive this gift.

Marrin Fleet
Memphis, TN

If you still have the tapes that you offered, I could suggest my
daughter, and my apprentice, Melissa Newton at shadowfox112233 at

She is just starting out at the bench, and such training tapes would
take her beyond what I can teach her.

Jim Newton