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Free SAS Hurricane Membership

Hi Everyone!

SAS would like to offer a complimentary one-year membership to any
PROFESSIONAL metalsmith who has seen hardship from the recent
hurricanes. Please forward their full contact including
e-mail address to me, and I’ll call them personally.

Anything to help.

All the best,

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Jeffrey Herman, Founder & Executive Director
Society of American Silversmiths
PO Box 72839
Providence, RI 02907
Fax: 401/461-6841>

Does this include those of us who are experiencing hardships from
tornados resulting from Ivan the terrible?


Char in Maryland where they are burning huge mounds of trees
destroyed by the tornado. Even with the air purifier the inside of
our house smells like a fireplace, and I worry about what I breath
when I’m working!

The waters are receeded in Pittsburgh. I live in a county (beaver)
north and also am in a declared diasaster area. The clean up is
unbelievable. Mud mixed with sewage and dust everywhere many
businesses were destroyed. The entire business district of Carnegie
PA was under 3 feet of water. I am sure there was a jeweler there
and pray he had flood insurance.

I have a storage unit that is still flooded. I t sits hi a top a
hill above a creek but the drainage grates clogged and the units
flooded. It held my workshop larger tools and my supplies for pencil
drawing my bristol board about 500 dollars of paper.My only thoughts
at this time are that my work is shell and maybe somehow I can
sterilize and clean it ,but I had a gallery show in FL approaching
and now will only be able to send very little.

It is amazing to me that this hurricane hit the eastern seaboard and
affected so many areas.

Teri D digging out from Ivan
Cameo Artist Studios


Really feel bad for you. I grew up in Butler and was surprised to see
that it also flooded quite badly from Ivan. Now, Ivan is doing its
thing on the Gulf Coast once again tonight. What a year. Meanwhile,
we are battening down the hatches in anticipation of Jeanne coming
this week end!!

Cheers to all from Don at The Charles Belle Studio in SO FL where we
are getting hurricane shy and where simple elegance IS fine jewelry!

It includes those individuals who have lost their workshop or have
sustained damage.


    It is amazing to me that this hurricane hit the eastern
seaboard and affected so many areas. 

It certainly is amazing. Even more amazing is Jeanne, possibly the
fourth hurricane this season to affect Florida, and the third to
directly affect South Florida (SoFl). Hurricane watches have been
issued here yet again, but the precise track of this storm isn’t
carved in stone just yet.

To anyone wishing to help the victims of these hurricanes in
general, please contact the American Red Cross. If you want to
specifically target jewelers I am not aware of a way to accomplish
that, apart from the possibilities of this forum. Any ideas?

James in SoFl who is glad he hasn’t removed his plywood just yet.