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[Free PDF] 1912 Wilson's Silverwork and jewelry

A text-book for students and workers in metal 2d ed., with new
sections done in collaboration with Professor Unno Bisei. by H.
Wilson with diagrams by the author and other illustrations.
Published 1912 by D. Appleton in New York .

Written in English.
Open Library Number OL22893444M

Download as PDF

The first words in this book (after the title pages) aRe:

“An Art can only be learned in the workshop of those who are winning
their bread by it.”

–Samuel Butler (“Erewhon”).

“One may do whate’er one likes In Art: the only thing is to make
sure That one does like it – which takes pain to know.”

–Robert Browning (“Pippa Passes”).

No truer words have ever graced the written page.

Thank you Hanuman! What a wonderful gift!

Dave Phelps

Wow, we have counted over 12,000 downloads in 24 hours !


This was an eye opener. What a fabulous treat. I took some time
yesterday, about 4 hours, and was fascinated. The so
invaluable, was amazing. Diagrams, photos of the work, oh, to be
able to see some of those things in person. The methods and tools
used at that time were certainly not what is available today,
proving, once again, that fantastic work can be produced with minimal
tools and the desire to produce.

This should be on a required reading list for people in the jewelry
trade. It answers many questions that have been asked here.

Thank you so much Hanuman!


This PDF is wonderful. Printed it off 4 pages to a page and bound
it. Sitting in my resource Library as we speak, Thanks so much

Sandra Hall

George E. Gee and Herbert Maryon are other authors to look out for -
these are plenty of free books in.PDF format on the internet; some of
the early 20th century text are probably out of print.

Hi, i was going through old post and saw this : When i tried to find it the page it opened to say Error.
Can some one tell me how to find this and other old books thank you

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Here you go.

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