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[Free] G.G. course material

Hi all,

About 4 years ago I started the G.G. program at GIA, but life got in
the way and I never finished it. I recently started again, so I have
2 copies of “Diamond Essentials” and "Diamonds and Diamond Grading"
course material. Obviously I don’t need 2 copies, so if anyone wants
them as reference material, and is willing to pay the shipping, I’ll
box them up and send them off. I can’t imagine the shipping is more
than $10 or $15, so if you want them, please email me.


Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who responded to my offer
about the GG course material. Larry Drane was the first to respond so
I sent the books off to him this morning. Thank you all for your

Have a good day.
Lisa Hubbard