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[Franklin NC] Gem sites

I would like some suggestions on finding gem stone in Franklin N.C. I
have gone there for the G&L Shows in the past but would like some
help from someone who could tell me what are the best sites for
panning for gems. I know some of the sites are salted and others are
not. I am going there next year for the show and would like to know
anyone’s insight into which one’s are the best for the money. Thanks
to all who contribute to the best site on the web. Even if no one
voted this the best, it still would be best in our eyes. The help
that I have received from all of you has helped me expand my
knowledge and creativity in my work. You all have been the most
generous people willing to share your great wealth of knowledge in
the truest sense of the word. Blessing to you all. Roxan


I have been "mining " in the Franklin area for years. contact me off
line and will discuss the “fee” mines. If you want, I have a map of
two sites in the National forest where you can go and really mine.


Bill Ehney

Most of the actual mines are located in the Cowee Valley. If you
turn onto Sanderstown Rd (Next to Burglen’s Gems) you will come out to
a tee next to the collection site & the Little Tennessee River. That
is route 28, turn right and follow the signs to the Cowee Valley. If
you are interested in Water Gardens stop at Pery’s gardens, lots of
Lotus’s. As to which mines are salted… I believe that the Jacob’s
mine is not and I know that there are a couple of others also, It
might be a good idea to stop at the little general store and asked
which one is hot when you are there. There is a rhodolite mine past
the turnoff to Cowee called Mason Mountain and an interesting
stoneware potter on 28. Have fun, you might also check out the 2
mineral museums in Franklin; the old jail and at Ruby City. Both are
downtown up on the hill.

Dan Wellman