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Was: [Looking 4] Jewelers Bench

Greetings all:

I had several requests to get myself into gear and write up the
instructions on how to build a DIY Jeweler’s bench.

The FrankenBench plans are available on my website:

I wrote it in the last couple of days, so I’m definitely looking for
feedback. If you see something that could be clearer, let me know.

Meanwhile, enjoy.

Brian Meek.

Thanks, Brian, that is really cool! I enjoyed reading and playing
along even though I am not planning to make a bench. Maybe that is
some kind of symptom…enjoying “how-to” sequences…that we
craftspersons have. Your text and photos were clear and


Love the FrankenBench Brian!!! If someone wants to try this, I would
highly suggest checking out your local Goodwill Store or Salvation
Army. Here is Nashville we have a Habitat for Humanity Homestore
which is full of old desks. Flea markets too of course and maybe
even an architectural salvage yard. But I think if you can find an
old desk at a place where your purchase will not only be affordable
but will also help a local charity, that is the way to go!

Great project. Long live FrankenBench!

Hi Brian

Thanks for getting the tutorial up…and so quickly too! It looks
great and I am looking forward to making my own frankenbench soon :wink: