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Francesca Gabrielli - Jewelry Gallery

Born in Rome, where she lives and works.

Goldsmith Diploma at the Goldsmiths School, Rome, after which she entered the world of the “antique jewellers shops” where she learned their secrets.

Francesca has been constantly involved in the diffusion of contemporary gold and silver design and she presently runs an art gallery.

Fascinated by both painting and sculpture, she mixes the two, playing with the colours of the minerals and the plasticity of the metals.

Her artistic culture, while based on classical artisanal principles, is characterized by her research with alternative materials and the diverse treatment of surfaces. She is at ease also when using titanium, aluminium, “dicroico” glass and synthetic enamel, having a natural ability she joins old traditional methods with avant-garde technology.

The chromatic effects obtained through this method create visual effects of particular intensity.