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[France] Equipment and supply shops

Dear Orchid Members:

I will be visiting Paris, France, in late September and early
October. I hope some of you might turn me onto any shops you know of
that cater to the jewelry trade for equipment and materials (metal
sheet and wire stock, gems, beads, findings, etc.). I discovered one
street last year, rue Reaumur, and definitely want to go there again.
But, I’m hoping some of you may be able to send me names of shops,
jewelers, suppliers, addresses, for me to visit!

Hobbs Wells

There is not so much, actually. Many jewellers mail-order their
needs or have local suppliers.

In any case, all suppliers are concentrated around Rue Reaumur, Rue
Turbigo et Rue du Temple. If you go there, you have everything that
exists in Paris in this respect.

While there, visit these galeries which are really worth a look if
you are into contemporain jewellery:

  • Galerie Elsa Vanier, 7 rue du Pr aux clercs
  • Galerie Hlne Pore, 1 rue de lOdon
  • Galerie 3b, 92 rue Saint-Martin

The center of French jewellery, as far as production and technique
is concerned, is in Lyon. The same center of gravitation, as far as
Europe is concerned, is in Pforzheim, Germany.

Keep asking if you think I can be of any help to you.