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Framing corrugated metal

I have made some 30 gauge corrugated silver and copper discs and
ovals which I would like to use for earrings and pendants. However,
rather than leaving the edges corrugated, I would like to frame them
in fine silver bezels for a more finished look, but am having
problems shaping the bezel wires around the circles and ovals. I
have successfully framed square, and triangle shapes, but am having
problems with the circles and ovals. So far the only thing that
worksis for me to make a regular bezel cup, insert the circle or
oval and pressit down. However, I don’t like the way it looks. Also,
I prefer an open back bezel if possible, but my attempts have been

I will appreciate any suggestions that you may have. I have the
Patricia McAleer book, but this is not addressed anywhere in the

Thank you for your help. Alma

I solved this question to my satisfaction by making a well-fitting
frame of rectangular wire and soldering the corrugation into it. The
soldering of it is a bit fiddly, but it looked great. There was no
bending over of a bezel at all, so the frame’s edge was smooth and


Thanks M’Lou for your suggestion to frame the piece with rectangular
wire. I would never have thought of it. Great idea. Wonder if I
could also use 1/2 round? Alma

My correlated metal framed.


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Richard, thanks for sharing the picture of your framed corrugation.
Love the way you integrated the corrugated strip into the piece.