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If you are teaching at a camp, you may not have much in the way
of supplies or equipment. Here is an easy project that I did
with fifth and sixth graders when I was an art
teacher. I cut lenghts of alum. clothes line into lengths a
little shorter than the students wrists. We hammered the ends to
flare them and bent them around to fit.For anvils and mandrels
we used the playgroung equipment.Enough students brought hammers
that all students were kept busy.It took two 40 min class
periods. The bangles were sanded at least smooth enough not to
rip skin. This project used no heat but still demonstrated the
plasticity of metal.Blanks of annealed or at least not hardened
roofing copper can have designs or patterns stamped into them.
The stamping tools can be made by the students with large nails
and files. It’s faster if someone with acess to a belt sander
mass produces them.The ends of the nails only need to be formed
into squares, triangles, etc. After the metal is stamped, the
edges are filed,sanded etc, and the piece is bent around to fit
the arm. Marilyn Smith