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Formula One car's diamond missing

From the news headlines this weekend...I don't normally follow
Formula One racing, but my husband thought I would be interested in
this one: 

Formula One car’s diamond missing after Monaco Grand Prix

A $140,000 diamond on the front of Christian Klien’s Formula One
car is missing after he crashed during the Monaco Grand Prix.

The button-sized diamond was part of a promotion for the forthcoming
film, Ocean’s 12, starring George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Julia

The diamond disappeared between Klien crashing his car at the
Mirabeau corner on the opening lap, and the car reaching the Jaguar
garage, more than two hours later. It was there a mechanic
discovered that the car’s most valuable component was missing, says
The Guardian.

Call me cynical, but could it just be a publicity stunt (bearing in
mind the diamond was in the car to publicise Oceans 12 - a film
about a jewellery heist?)

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