Formula for Goldstone

Does anyone out there have a formula for Goldstone. Goldstone is
used for glass beads and in Hot Glass Flameworking. It is a glass,
made to look like aventurine, with particles in it that appear to be
copper flakes, but could be any number of things. I have heard it was
mica, copper, chrome oxide, ferric oxide…

I’d like to try and make it myself but evidently it was created in
Italy in the 1700’s and the formula was a secret for many years.

I would really appreciate the details of making it…

Love and God Bless
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Randy, from every source I’ve ever talked to about Goldstone, the
making process is still secret. The stone is made by the monks in
Italy…they also make green and blue and purple with the same
flecks in it. I was told the flecks are indeed copper. I doubt very
much if you will ever get the secret process from the monks, however,
you may keep trying different formulaes and come up with a reasonable
facimile. Good luck!