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Formula for carving wax?

Greetings, For some time I have been searching for an old formula for
carving wax that I saw on-line some place. The main ingredients were
bee’s wax & pine tree resin, it included the process for mixing the
two substances, as well as some safety warnings the process.
Searching the books I have on hand has not shown any results. I am
looking for this to use in doing a representation of the process
used in Medieval Europe, so if there is a historic source attached
that would be an added feature. Thank you, Jim Revells, Sudden Service
#5 Massachusetts

James, I am not positive but check The Treatises of Benvenuto
Cellini on Golsmithing and Sculpture translated from the Italian by
C. R. Ashbee, Dover Press. If I remember correctly a friend of mine
who was a bronze sculptor and I found that very formula several
decades ago… although I could be mis-remembering. Frank Goss

Thanks Frank, I have been trying to get a copy of the Cellini book
on goldsmithing for about two years (I have his book on painting), it
is good to know that that might be the source of the I am
seeking. The title is either out of stock at Dover or out of print.
I will check with one or two of my usual used book sellers when I see
them next month. Pax, Jim