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Forming [Was: Sinusoidal Stakes]

Susan Wood-Onstad wrote:-

I’ve shaped several sinusoidal stakes (used for anticlastic raising)
by using large wax burrs, and I’ve shaped dies, for hydralic
forming, with worn out high speed burrs.

I have just finished building a 20ton press for hydraulic
forming and have just finished two hollow form pieces for an
exhibition. I have Susan Kingsley book which is very good but
does not answer some questions that I would like to ask.

  1. What thickness and durometer pads do you find best for the
    average forming. These cost me between $nz55.00 to $nz90.00 by
    the time exchange rate is taken into account.

  2. Can pads be brought for the pipe retaining dies.

  3. As some chemicals can not be shipped have you found a
    replacement forallowing the pad to slip between it and the metal.

I am also very interested in doing some work in Anticlastic
Raising in particular the size and radius of the curves of the
stake that you used.

Also what is the best way to start forming patterns for this
work. I have sent to Rio Grand for a book on Metal Techniques and
hope that this will have some in it.

If anyone else has advice on these two processes I would be most
greatful for anything that will help.

Susan my thanks for being able to ask through the group and look
forwardto a reply if you are able.

Best wishes
Major Boyce

Hi Major,
The exact curves of the stakes does not matter as far as I am
comcerned. The metal is moved over the same spot as it is being
hit…the same way a scroll saw does not travel through the
material being cut but what is being cut, does.I move the metal
around until I find the curve that matches what is in my mind
and then strike the metal with overlapping blows as I move the
metal. The pattern of “courses” is from the outside edges
towards the middle. The usual shape to start learning is a oval,
cigar shape.With practice, freeform hollow shapes can be created
and “sliced and diced”, and combined and recombined. :slight_smile:
Marilyn Smith