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Forming compound to create a surface for hammering

Hello Orchidians,

I call to you for help. I purchased this incredible product from SNAG
several years back that look like little plastic pellets or chips. I
remember that somehow we mold the pellets to form fit onto anything -
a hammer handle, a stake, or to be used for chasing. It was supposed
to be a product that was healthier than the substance that you use
for chasing and repousse, and could be used over and over again.

Needless to say I did not use it and now that I think I have a need
for it, I cannot find any directions, or on it. If anyone
knows anything about this product, can you please respond with some
help. I would love to put it to use.

Lisa Slovis Mandel

Hi Lisa,

The pellets are probably either what is called Plastiform (if they
are white in color), or Jett Sett if they have more of a earthy tone.

Either way put some of the pellets in hot water. The Plastiform will
turn clear when ready to take out of the water and use. I am unsure
about what visual characteristics take place with the Jett Sett, but
both will turn pliable when heated in water. Once soft enough to work
take the mass that was in pellet form and work with it like clay to
mold, or support nearly any object for further work.

I use the material for holding odd shaped objects for stone setting.
You can also use either material to form metal into, create a handle
for a graver, a mallet head… nearly anything.

One of the great things about the products is that it doesn’t really
go bad. You can reuse it over and over again… though it will get
dirty with use.

Have fun.

Hello Lisa,

I think you have Jett Set - a thermoplastic product that becomes
pliable when heated in water and is rigid upon cooling. It has been
used instead of pitch. Google Jett Set for full instructions.

Judy in Kansas

Those plastic bits, such as Jett Sett, melt in fairly warm to hot
water in a pan. It can be made into any shape you need. When it cools
it is incredibly hard - you can whack it with a hammer. I use it
sometimes to hold a complicated piece while I work on it, as it keeps
the piece from deforming, etc. When you are finished, you just put it
back in water, heat it until it releases. If you use it to hold your
piece while setting a stone, be sure the stone can be immersed in
quite hot water. Nothing like an opal, for instance, or a pearl, etc.
Look up Jett Sett in Rio, I know there are other brands but this is
the one I have used. It lasts a long time and can be reused many

Noralie Katsu

Hi Lisa, Would that be Jett Sett, available from Rio?

Vicki K, SoCal