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Forming castiron

Can anyone advise me on the means to kiln - slump a castiron
fireplace back, dimensions are 25" x 23"x 1/2". It needs to curve a
total of 3" from top in bottom to conform to our fireplace. I am
using a glass slumping kiln for the job. Is this idea feasible? What
temperature should the kiln reach? How long should it hold that
temp. Anyone have advise on weighing? I am thinking of firebrick to
support & weight.


Cast iron, usually has to be cast into the shape you want it to be,
get it too hot and it will fragment.

Regards Charles A.

Cast iron is not ductile at any temperature. So it wont slump however
long you heat and how high the temperature you take it to.

Alter the fireplace back to suit.

Or get a iron smith to make an edged frame that fits the fireplace
as well as the fire back.