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Forming an open sphere

A good client has approached me with a request to do 100 pieces of a
hanging spherical ellipse approximately 4-5" tall. Ideally she would
like the ellipse to rotate freely around a center “stick”, but she is
flexible in this and would be happy with just the two-part fixed
piece. I am considering the use of nickel tubing to form the globular
sphere and am looking into how to reliable and quickly produce these
100 pieces. If there is anyone with any experience in this, I would
appreciate your input. I am especially concerned with how to harden
the piece after forming and suggestions for good materials to use. I
know someone on Orchid has done a project similar to this, and would
appreciate the

Orchid rocks!

Donna Blow

Spherical ellipse? I find this a contradiction of terms. Are we
talking something egg shaped? Open on one end? A tube bent to an
elliptical curve? Would this piece be like a mobile? Confused.

Bill Churlik

Orchid and Bill,

I apparently wrote this before my morning coffee. My client wants a
4-5 inch globe, formed from a tube or thick wire, with the wire and
tube spiraling and forming the globe, but in a very open formation,
so that there are about 5 or 6 loops forming the sphere (this is
what I meant by an open ellipse). Thanks for pointing out my lack
of clarity!

Donna Blow