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Forming a guild


-greetings.- we are looking for guidelines for forming a metals
guild. We are in the fingerlakes region of NY. We are calling it
FLAME (finger lakes metal enthusiasts.) I thought SNAG published some
but I cannot locate it. If any of you belong to a guild
would you fax me a copy of your bylaws etc… If anyone close to us
wants to join us please email me with your contact We
hope to bring alot of talented people in our area together and do
LOTs of workshops. Thanks Micky Roof
fax 607 279 2292


Dear Micky, SNAG used to print a list of guilds and you can find some
on the SNAG website I suggest
you email the SNAG Executive Director Dana Singer at to find out if they have any other
that could be helpful to you. No need reinventing the
wheel if you don’t have to. If she doesn’t have anything she at
least may be able to direct you to resources that would be useful to

On a side note, I will be in the Finger Lakes area for the month of
October for a residency at the Studio of the Corning Museum of Glass.
At some point during that period I will be doing a free public
lecture on my work at the museum. I don’t have the date yet. You and
your members (or members to be) may want to come. It will be a
similar talk to the one I give at the SNAG conference in San
Francisco in May.

Good luck with the new organization.
Don Friedlich
Former SNAG President