Forging multi-strand necklace cones

I am sure there is an obvious solution to this, but I don’t know
what it is and appreciate advice!

I wish to forge my own necklace cones…those little cone shaped
findings that go at the end of a multi-strand, beaded necklace.
Through trial and error, I created a pattern, but I haven’t figured
out yet how to best pound the shape and line up the edges for
soldering. Is there a good homemade mandrel that works?


I use anythng around the house a lot for mandrels from those free hex
keys you get with furniture to ice picks which are great for
reshaping for tiny apps look through your junk drawer at all those
free baggies of furniture do dads not sure sizes of cones you are
using but I am sure someone will have more ideas for you.


Sally, I make all my own cones. First of all, I use fine silver 26
and even 28 gauge. This is soft enough for me to form, and still
strong enough to serve as a cone. I tried sterling, but it was too
hard to form, whereas the fine silver cooperates. My method is to
make templates in 3 different sizes, small, medium and large. As the
fine silver is soft, one is ableto use round nose pliers to gently
form them, working on one side, rollingit in slightly, then the
other side. Keep doing this until it is fairly rounded. Then I put it
on my small anvil, and with my hammer gently, very gently hammer the
pieces pushing the edges together so that they fit tightly. I use the
rounded edge of one of my dapping tools to round the top of the
cone, as it does get a bit misshapen from the hammering. I then
solder the edges together. I know 26 and 28 gauge seems thin, but I
have never had a problem with it. After all the hammering and
manipulation in making the cones, it becomes work hardened. I am sure
others may have even a better way of making them, but this works for
me. If I get time I plan to get some tool steel and grind some
pointed forms and do my hammering around them. But for the present my
current method works.


You could try putting a hardwood rod into a pencil sharpener to make
a mandrel point. Or you could get a scrap of Corian and saw and file
it to shape.


I wish to forge my own necklace cones...those little cone shaped
findings that go at the end of a multi-strand, beaded necklace.

Sally, there is a video on orchid that covers this exact item.
Search thru the bench videos!



I chucked a piece of brass rod in my flex shaft then used a file and
finer media to form a taper on the end to match my required cones. My
bezel block doesn’t have the taper I needed. I practiced with copper
sheet first, then moved on to Ster. As we do with other shapes, I had
to over bend it to match the edges, solder it, then back to my
tapered brass rod with a nylon hammer to finish the form. I’m sure
there are other methods that others will suggest.

Good Luck
Mike DeBurgh, GJG
Henderson, NV