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Foredom motor noise

Happy new year to all.

We have foredom flex shaft motors in our jewelry workshop and they
are too noisy. Measures about 78 dB at operator’s ear. dose anyone
knows how to reduce this noise by any means?

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

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I think the flex-shaft needs a “grease and lube” job!

Unscrew the little screw at the top of the shaft that will enable
you to remove the outer rubber sheath. Once this is done, I suggest
to wear cruddy clothes and you might get lotsa black grease on your
hands and clothing (maybe)! go to your nearby automotive store and
ask for a thicker grease to smear on the metal flex shaft. Light
machine oil will heat up and surely dissipate and run down and exit
on your hands and chuck. You really need a thicker viscus
lubricant…don’t go hog-wild and slap it on recklessly, but apply it
lightly…why? as it heats up it will warm and liberally blend in with
the inner flex mechanism. Return to your outter rubber sheath and
screw again to the bottom of the motor. I think you see that the db’s
will be return to normal…again check the motor bushings while you
are at it. These too might be worn down a shade…also, try not too
speed up your motor, you might be wearing out the flex apparatus