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Foredom Allset stone setting kit

A few years ago I purchased what was supposed to be a Foredom Allset Master stone setting system. An orchid member purchased it for me after I sent the funds and then sent it to me in the UK. I have never even had it out of the box and can not see myself ever using it in the future. It cost me £250 pounds sterling, so I thought I’d offer it for sale. I googled it to get an idea of the current selling price so I could pitch mine at a suitable reduced price, but found that it doesn’t seem to be a current item. Not only that, but when I inspected what I have, I was not sent the “master” kit, but the bog standard one with far fewer parts!!! My own fault for not checking at the time.

So now I’m stuck with a Foredom Allset stone setting kit that I will never use. Does anyone know what the basic set is worth, and can anyone give me an offer that’s not too low?

Many thanks.


Hello Helen, The foredom allset system has been retired for many years. It came in a master kit, the one you thought you bought and retailed for $357.60 the last price I could find. This was a full set with a No. 30 hand piece and fill accessory set. There were also a full master kit less the No. 30 for aprox 279.00. The smaller kits were a channel kit that was 3 tips and the jig for 65.00 and a pave kit with 7 tips and jig for $140.00. These were US dollars. There was also a small mixed set that had all the tips from the two sets and a few others for doing prongs with jig and was priced at $167.00. Depending on what kit you have I’m interested. Contact me off list at and lets see what we can work out. I’m in Canada.