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Foredom alias

beth - yes, the ‘woodworking’ foredoms & the jewelers’ foredoms we
all know & love are identical twins. there might be some wood
oriented attachments & instructions included in those ensembles that
aren’t in jeweler aimed sets but that is all the difference i’ve
observed. here is a cut & paste description from one of the auction
sites: “Foredom Flexible Shaft wood carving or everyday use carving

the first time the designation as a ‘woodworking kit’ came up i
figured that foredom was courting the woodworking hobby crowd, which
is probably even larger than the jeweler crowd.

in this case a foredom is a foredom, or, to get technical: a hanging
thingie that goes ‘bzzzzzzz’ & has a whirling pointy whatis at the
end of a long skinny rope-like doohicky by any name still does
whatever as nicely. ive

Thanks for the clarification on the Foredom! I’m off to Lowe’s on
Tuesday - keeping my fingers crossed that they will have it on sale!
I’ll still need to get accessories, etc., for it, but at least I can
use my gift cards for the machine itself.

Thanks to all who helped!
Beth in SC