Fordom quick release, doesn't take other bit sizes

I bought a Foredom kit with an easy change handpiece. I didn’t realise I could only use one size drill bits. I have a lot of other sized bits. What now?

Do I have to change the handpiece?

Sorry to be there bearer of bad news, but yes most quick release handpieces take 3/32" flex shaft parts. There are a couple of solutions.

One is to get an inexpensive #30 handpiece just for off size flex shaft parts, like your drill bits. Changing out flex shaft handpieces is very easy. You can find genuine Foredom #30’s for around $80 and other brands under $40.

Another solution is to buy drill bits designed to fit a quick release 3/32" collet.

What I did when I switched over to a quick release system, over time when I needed new flex shaft parts, I only bought 3/32" flex shaft components. After a while most of my parts were 3/32". I do have a #30 handpiece for when I need it.

I find having a quick release system to be helpful and efficient. Hopefully you’ll find that too!


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You can buy sets of drill bits in different sizes but they all have a 3/32 drive shaft, so they will all fit your flex shaft quick change…Rob


you could eventually get a Foredom #30 handpiece with a jacobs chuck and key…

they come in handy…they close down to 0…and open up pretty wide…

can accomodate wire for twisting, q-tips and toothpicks for polishing🤣…very small drill shaft sizes…

they run around $75-80 usd

i have a quick change handpiece as well, but i tend to use my #30 alot…it is a fatter and shorter handpiece…comfortable for me…seems to have a bit less “flailing” of the flex shaft cable…so less hand stress for me…

in addition to silver color, they fome in fun colors like pink and blue as well…