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Ford Hallam creates Japanese metalworking series


Ford Hallam, an award-winning artist working with Japanese
metalsmithing techniques, has started a Kickstarter campaign to
produce a series of six books on this little known subject.

Ford explains…

"After what seems like a lifetime of saying I’m going to do it I’ve
finally committed myself. I’ve just launched a Crowdfunding campaign
on Kickstarter to help me begin the production of a series of 7
volumes that will contain everything I know about Classical Japanese
Decorative Metalwork.

The completed series will present for the first time in any
language, even Japanese, a comprehensive introduction to Japanese
decorative metalwork techniques, materials and processes. This will
be the seminal work on the subject and one that I hope will be of
use to craftspeople, collectors, academics and curators. [See Ford’s
Web site here:

If you’d like to see this seminal work become a reality please use
the link below to learn more about the project and maybe add your

Thank you, Ford Hallam
Jeff Herman


Hi all,

Just backed this and figured people here would be interested in it -
and it’s about to expire, unfunded so I figure it needs all the help
it can get…

Dr Paul van den Bergen