For what its worth

Hi all

The other day I was soldering an 18c.t ‘box’ onto a ring shank.I
put a little to much solder on and so, I had a ‘puddle’ of
solder in one of the boxes corners Normally, I would use a ball
frazer, or a graver to remove the solder. This time I melted a
tiny ball of the same material, and put it on the excess solder,
and when the solder melted again, I removed the little ball with
stainless steel tweezers. I did this twice and it cleaned up all
the excess solder .

Happy Days!


Hans, good idea… If I ever get too much solder on something I
usually do something along the same idea… I take a piece of wire
of the same or higher karat metal, and basically heat up the
piece to the point where the solder begins to flow then I draw
the excess solder from the spot with the gold wire… the solder
seems to crawl up the wire if done correctly… Marc MarcCo.