For sale: Spirflame Karat 250 Water Torch

Hi all,
I am moving into a new studio and am selling my Spirflame Karat 250 water torch. The Spirflame is the Mercedes of water torches - it breaks down water into its basic elements: 2 parts hydrogen (H) and 1 part oxygen (O). THERE IS NO STORAGE OF PRESSURIZED GAS which makes it perfect for those of you who rent studio space or have your studio in your apartment where pressurized gas is not allowed. Read about the torch here: Lab Accessories
I paid over $4000 for the torch, but haven’t used it in several years because I have an oxy/propane torch that I use and I just never got around to selling it.
Local pickup only in the Phoenix, AZ area. If interested, please email me at or text me at 480-216-3536.
Lynn Ballinger