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For Sale, Orion mPulse Plus Welder

If you want a pulse-arc welder and you can afford it I think the best one is a PUK 5.1. (Otto Frei often has 10% off sales.)

If that’s more than you want to spend…

For sale, an Orion mPulse Plus with PUK argon regulator, used for a few hours, in as-new condition. $1,000 off the original combined price, asking $1,750 plus shipping. (A small tank of argon is required. Obtain one locally.)

The mPulse Plus doesn’t have the many features of the PUK 5.1 which is why it’s price is much lower, but it still can do a lot if you can make the effort to learn it. I don’t take notes, am too impatient, and my ‘graph paper’ doesn’t have enough room left on it for a long learning curve, so windfall in hand I got a PUK 5.1. This mPulse Plus needs a new home.

Skipping over the other things that may be done by welding, what I enjoy a lot is simply using some clay or masking tape to hold parts together for a spot weld for later soldering. I have used the mPulse Plus to easily set up and weld earring posts onto silver, and have welded titanium with it as well.

If interested or if you have questions please send me a private message by clicking on the blue ‘a’ avitar and then the [Message] button.

Neil A

Neil, is this still available? I couldn’t figure out how to send a private message. Sorry