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[For sale] Old Miner Dias

Who’s looking for old miners? I have 6 carats available. Different sizes

  • cheap! Email for info.

hello, how much do you want for your old miners ?? please describe what
you have, ie. how many stones, what approximate quality etc… as much
as you have… also could you reply to
thanks richard chan… from St. Eligius $ co

Total weight of parcel is approx 8 carats. Sizes range from .05 - .25.
Mostly around .10 ct. Quality varies. I don’t think any are chipped.
If so will remove, or sell at lower $. Entire parcel @ $200/ct. Part
parcel @ $250/ct. I read email approx 10 AM EST. First come first serve.
Let me know and we will make arrangements.

Intrested in buying all or any remaining old miners. Have three pieces in
progress that require same. Constantly looking for old miners for various
restoration projhects. Thanks, Kevin

Hmm, I usually lurk quietly in the background, but you have got my
curiosity up, and I want to learn. What is an old miner? The mental
picture I get is of a grizzled old prospector being stuffed into a bag and
sent off to you. I am not a jeweler, just a wanna be. Love working with
lapidary . Rose McArthur @O_B_McArthurs

An Old Miner ! It is the shortform for OLD MINE CUT DIAMOND ! It is type
of cut that used be used in older times before the round brilliant was
scientifically calculated and invented by I think Tolkowsky.

Manoj Gupta