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[For Sale] Hard-to-Find Settings


Hello Everyone: I just sold Dawn some settings that she required, so
I was curious if anyone else wanted any settings? Contact me for pics
and prices. I carry plain, fancy and designer in various sizes,
including hard to find stone sizes. All are USA made and heavy
jeweler’s settings-- NOT flimsy snap-tite. They are ready to use
(polished, de-sprued, etc.) and only take patience, pliers and a
little bit of skill to set. I can get them in 14K White, 14K Yellow,
and Sterling Silver.

I am a distributor for the manufacturer, so you will be getting a
better deal by buying from me than you would if you were to order
from them directly, since I get significant quantity discounts.

Please get back to me with detailed info about what you are looking
for. I will be ordering ASAP.