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[For sale] Casting odds & ends

Hi Orchid folks, I mostly lurk 'n learn here, and I’ve noticed that
sometimes y’all post supplies and equipment you don’t use anymore. I’m
trying to make a permanent spot (you know, some place besides the
kitchen counter…) for my tumbler and I discovered a couple of
boxes of casting related stuff. I have no idea why I held on to
this stuff, since I sold the spin caster and kiln years ago. So I was
about to post some of it on eBay, then I remembered the Orchid list
and thought I might mention it here first. I have a slew of fantasy &
biker type wax patterns, a wax pen, dial-o-gram scale, and a box of
casting odds and ends. All of it’s a little beat up but usable. And
probably some books. If I can decide which ones to give up. (General
jewelry books, not just casting.) If anybody is interested in any of
this e-mail me and I’ll send you a link to the photos. Thanks! Laura