[For Sale] Arizona Cases

Hello all, I’d like to sell the Arizona cases I used to use at
craft shows and don’t want to store anymore. I have at least 2 of
the flat counter top style( AG231) and and at least 2, maybe 3 of
the 16 x 16 by 22"? tall ones with shelves. They are all in the
carrying cases made for them. New they would be $495 & $400
respectively + 140 for each case. They have been much used and have
developed some eccentricities, but they still look good and
function well and they have been very lucky for me over the years.
Although they are shippable, I don’t wanna deal with it. If anyone
is willing to to pick them up (south of Santa Monica, north of
Long Beach) I’d sell them for $250 each. There is also an almost
new, white E-Z Up canopy system with side walls and carrying case
for $225. Please contact me directly. Marianne Hunter