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[For Sale] 130mm Durston Rolling Mill

Hi All, Sorry to be using the list as classified but I thought some
one would appreciatte this before it goes to eBay. I have some need
for some quick cash and have this virtually brand new 130 mm Durston
Combo Rolling Mill for sale. It’s basically brand new. I bought it
with some specific purposes in mind which aren’t going to happen. I
beleive I paid in the neighborhood of $900 plus shipping from Rio
Grande just last Fall. I’m asking $725 plus the shipping which is $90
for 5-10 UPS fully insured. I’m in Southern California and will be
happy to deliver it for $25 from LA to San Diego or your invited to
pick it up for free.

I also have a brand new unused ingot mold. Made In Germany. 2 peice
type which I paid $90 for last Fall as well. This along with a new
crucible and handle may be had for $50 plus shipping or the above
options. Neither have been used.

ebay removed

Contact me at @warren_allen. I will supply a phone number and we
can discuss the deal if interested.

Warren Allen